Video gaming with a twist

Researchers from Georgia Tech have reportedly configured a way for video games to be created using AI machinery. This latest discovery is yet another indication of the growing capability of AI in the gaming industry with the machine learning algorithms used to learn about existing models of games and then used to contribute to creating varied games. In commentary, associate professor of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, Mark Riedl said “Games are really complex and really hard to make, even for experts, so the ability of an algorithm to create interesting, working games is a notable achievement.” Could FIFA 20 be made by AI?

Given that many suggest that creative jobs will be less vulnerable to displacement thanks to machine learning, this research could raise temperatures for aspiring game developers.

The Economist calls for European AI focus

Europe’s efforts to make ground in the global AI race came under the spotlight in The Economist this week with the acceptance that Europe will need to lay hold of its own AI champions and big digital platforms. The article also called for Europe to create an environment for its AI industry to thrive, alluding to the belief that data collection and usage in China and U.S. has substantially muddier grounding, and that this can be a significant advantage for Europe.

Around Whitehall:

As part of the Government’s plans to grow the UK’s AI industry, the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Science Advisory Council (SAC) this week published a report exploring the potential impact AI could have on transport generally and how it could shape the public’s perception. The report examined current AI capabilities and opportunities for transformative transport technologies such as autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles to be integrated. The report also suggested AI might revolutionise the transport sector by enabling accurate traffic prediction, real-time journey planners and more efficient movement of freight.

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