April 22, 2022

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Every Friday, we will be breaking down our top five picks for everything happening in the digital space, from new tools and algorithms on socials to valuable industry insights. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates!  

What’s Trending?  

1.New Kid on the Block: the newest app taking Gen-Z and Millennials by storm  

The BeReal app is the newest social media application being downloaded at record levels by Gen-Z and millennials. The app encourages users to post themselves in their ‘real’ and authentic state, shadowing away from carefully curated, aesthetic-first profiles taking over popular apps like Instagram.  

People are encouraged to share what they are doing in real-time and works by using both front and back facing smartphone cameras to share where you are and what you are doing. It also addresses increased sharing activity, as users can only see what their friends are sharing once they share their own real-time activity, although a user is encouraged to share just once a day.  

The French app is already being installed on mobiles globally and is in the top 5 app downloads in the US, UK, and France, with monthly active users climbing to 315% since the beginning of 2022. With the meteoric growth of TikTok last year, it is too early to tell whether the BeReal app is a passing fad or here to stay.  

2. TikTok announces Interactive Add-Ons to make the most out of your In-Feed Ads  

TikTok’s advertising offering has become more interesting with the introduction of various interactive elements, or “add-ons” to include in your advertisement’s video content. TikTok’s logic for employing these features is based on data of ‘brand engagers’ who interact with content on the platform and connect with businesses, leads to more online searches of brands and products to convert sales.  

TikTok makes it easy for advertisers to decipher which elements they should be using by separating add-ons into Standard or Premium categories. There is no difference between ad spends for these categories but marketing goals, whether that they concern driving clicks and conversions or building online communities.  

With TikTok monthly active users heading towards 2 billion, it is no wonder why TikTok is investing in unique features like add-ons to capitalise marketers’ interest.  

3. Mark Zuckerberg’s “holy grail” device for transforming technology into the Metaverse  

Meta has been developing Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in hopes of cementing the Metaverse and Meta hardware as the biggest ‘game-changer’ in tech. Dubbed, Project Nazare, the vision for the product includes the ability to communicate and engage with holograms of other people in the Metaverse, which Zuckerberg believes could become the better version of video calling using mobile devices.  

Plans for this device includes a first-generation model to come to market by 2024 and subsequent models to be released in 2026 and 2028. With the viability of the Metaverse and other virtual tech still in question, could these glasses really be the next iPhone of this generation?  

Insight of the Week  

4. To hashtag or not to hashtag?

A new report finds that Instagram hashtags do not increase post views on Instagram or help increase engagements. Rather, hashtags should be used to categorise content and help make content discoverable on the platform.  

Event Highlight 

5. Conversations by Meta. May 19th, 2022. 

Want to communicate better on Meta’s platforms? Learn from In-house experts through a series of sessions and demos on the messaging tools your business can utilise to connect with customers and enable growth on social platforms. Sign up for the virtual event here.  

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