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1.Reddit: the newest marketing hub? 

Reddit has launched a series of new case studies, cheekily titled as ‘Meet Your Maker’, showcasing the creative ways brands are tapping into ad design and reaching Reddit’s fanbases. Not only does the series present examples of how brands have employed a diverse mix of media (think GIFs or Alternate Reality Games), but also how the campaigns stack up against other top-performing channels.  

Reddit’s series includes a selection of case studies spanning across digital to food industries like Adobe and noosa Yoghurt. No matter what industry your business is in, Reddit may be an unexpected solution to keep your marketing efforts fresh and exciting. 

2. Google Ads releases feature for “automatically created assets”   

Next time you set up a Google ads campaign you may come across Google’s newest beta feature that generates headlines, descriptions, and ad assets for you. The feature is made to improve relevance and performance of your ads to connect with your audience.  

How does Google do it? It grabs the content from your website landing page, domain, and other ads in tandem with the keywords you provide. If you’re not ready just yet, don’t fret- users can opt-out of using this feature.   

3. Meta in the early stages of developing new ‘Basic Ads’ product to make up for data privacy battle  

According to Business Insider, Metais developing a new range of ads that “wouldn’t rely on any anonymised personal info from users”, in efforts to sway away from data privacy concerns. While there is limited information available, the platform looks to regain the interest of advertisers once again.  

4. LinkedIn is making running ads easier for marketers with the launch of Business Manager 

If you have ever tried to run ads on LinkedIn, you may have noticed the slight discrepancies with conducting admin tasks like managing users to downloading invoices. Things are looking up for B2B marketers as the streamlined, centralised Business Manager system can be used by advertisers  to spend less time managing ad accounts and more time improving strategies. 

5. Study on LinkedIn’s top performing posts, highlights the most effective types of content 

Key findings from the study include:  

  • LinkedIn documents (or PDFs displayed as a carousel) generate 3 times more clicks than other pieces of content 
  • Frontloading videos with interesting content can result in an average video view rate of 15.61% in 2022  
  • Videos engage highest engagement per impression rate for small to medium sized accounts  


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